Get Yarn for Planned Pooling on Amazon

Have you seen/tried planned pooling yet?  It is a seriously cool technique that uses variegated yarn to make a tartan-like pattern-and the good news is that TONS of variegated yarns seem to work for this technique.  I have just started trying it myself, but I have noticed that my local yarn stores don't seem to carry the hugest selection of variegated yarn for some reason....

So, naturally, I checked Amazon :)  They have a HUGE selection.  The yarn I am listing below is only a small sampling.

The yarn listed above are all add-on items which means they have to be part of a $25 order to ship.  BUT that $25 can also be made up entirely of add-on items.  So technically you could order 9 skeins of yarn priced at $2.88 and they would ship to you for free with Amazon Prime :)

Here is a sneak peek at a Planned Pooling project I have in the works using a non-traditional stitch:

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