Amazon Yarn Deals

Sometimes I have noticed that Amazon will have similar yarn deals as Joann Fabrics. When I checked this week that seems to be the case!  Since I still have my shopping tutorials in the works, I will highlight a few pros and cons of Amazon shopping here. 

The Pros: 

  • Amazon has completely free shipping if you are a Prime Member (click here for a FREE 30-day trial).  And even if you are not, there is a relatively low free shipping threshold to meet ($35)
  • Yarn from Amazon comes shipped beautifully and quickly! They are each sent in an individual plastic bag, which I like to leave on until I am ready to use the yarn.  
  • Their color selection is usually fantastic!  I have seen colors on Amazon that I have never seen in my local stores.  

The Cons: 

  • A lot of times, yarn is an add on item. That means you have to purchase at least $25 dollars of merchandise for the order to ship.  
  • The colors of a certain yarn may not all be the same price.  
  • Dye lots are not guaranteed (though I have always been sent the same when I order multiple skeins) 

That being said, check out how the Amazon prices stack up to Joann this week! 


Lion Brand Unique (Joann Fabrics-$5)

Amazon has 3 colors available for the same price or less:

  • $4.87 (add-on item): Circus
  • $5.00 (add-on item): Cornucopia, Mirage



Lion Brand Wool-ease Thick n Quick (Joann Fabrics $5)

Amazon has 26 colors offered at this same price!  This is a good example of them carrying colors that I don't see in my local stores.  They have a total of 70 colors of this yarn available!

  • $5.00 (add-on item): Apricot, Black, Blackstone, Cabernet, Cobalt, Constellation, Cranberry, Crimson, Eggplant, Gemstone, Glacier, Grass, Grey Marble, Hoyas, Mesquite, Navy, Oatmeal, Poinsettia, Pumpkin, Raspberry, Raven, Sandstone, Sky Blue, Spice, Taupe, Winter Sky

Lion Brand Homespun (Joann Fabrics $5)

Amazon has this yarn in several colors for a bit less!

  • $4.77 (add-on item): Ambrosia, Barks, Baroque, Candy Apple, Fiesta, Forest, Herb Garden, Windsor
  • $4.88 (add-on item): Barrington, Black, Colonial, Gothic, Harvest, Mixed Berries, Montana Sky, Ocean, Olive, Prairie, Quartz, Regency, Shaker, Tudor, Wild Fire, Wisteria
  • $4.92 (add-on item): Desert Mountain, Sand Dune
  • $5.00 (add-on item): Cherry Blossom,Corinthian, Deco, Delft, Golden, Hepplewhite, Meadow, Parfait, Purple Haze, Sierra, Waterfall

Lion Brand Heartland (Joann Fabrics $5)

Again, Amazon has several colors for the same price or lower!

  • $4.49 (add-on item): Acadia Tweed, Big Bend, Black Canyon, Everglades Tweed, Katmai, Mammoth Cave, Redwood, Shenandoah, Shenandoah Tweed, Yellowstone
  • $5.00 (add-on item): Acadia, Bryce Canyon, Hot Springs, Isle Royale, Kings Canyon, Mount Rainier, Mount Rainier Tweed, Olympic, Yosemite

Lion Brand Landscapes (Joann Fabrics $5)

10 colors available on Amazon for the same price!

$5 (add-on item): Amethyst, Boardwalk, Bordeaux, Chartreuse, Pumpkin, Ruby, Rust, Sand Dune, Silver, Taupe


Lion Brand Tweed Stripes (Joann Fabrics $5)

Slightly less on Amazon!

  • $4.97 with FREE Prime shipping:  Prism, Wildfire
  • $4.97 (add-on item): Caramel, Caribbean, Lakeside, Marble, Mixed Berries, Orchid, Tundra, Woodlands

Lion Brand Amazing (Joann Fabrics $5)

Slightly less on Amazon!

$4.97 (add-on item): Arcadia, Aurora, Cobblestone, Glacier Bay, Mauna Loa, Pink Sands, Rainforest, Roses, Ruby, Strawberry Fields


Please note that prices on Amazon fluctuate.  Always verify the price of your item before you purchase it.  This post contains affiliate links.