Have a question?  Let me see if I can help!

Since beginning this blog, I have gotten many messages, emails and comments from readers. Let me start out by saying I LOVE hearing from you - I do!  But sometimes I get bogged down in the reality of every day life as a stay at home mom and don't always respond as quickly as I would like to.  That's where this page comes in.  I hope to answer some common questions that I receive often so that you can get a faster response.

If you don't find the answer to your questions below, please do feel free to Contact Me :-)

1. How do I alter your pattern to fit "..." ?

When I write my patterns I include the sizes that I am confident in the measurements for.  For example, I wrote the Amelia Poncho Sweater in a 2T-3T size because I had my daughter as a reference, and I wrote the adult version based on the size of my dress form and myself.  If I can, I provide information in the 'Pattern Notes' section for how to increase/decrease the pattern in size.  However, as far as dimensions go, I am uncomfortable making exact suggestions for a specific size that I have not created myself.

2. How do I find/print your pattern/why did the .pdf downloader not work?

My patterns are all available directly on my blog.  I usually have some text/photos/pattern notes at the beginning, but if you scroll down you will find the complete pattern.  If you would like to print a pattern there are a couple options.  For select patterns, I have an ad free .pdf printable available for purchase for $2 from Etsy.  These are nicely formatted patterns that include select photos of the project and usually end up being 2-4 pages in length.  I have also included a 'Print Friendly' button that will allow you remove any text/ads/pictures you do not want to include if printing directly from my website.  Please remember that you are welcome to print yourself a copy of the pattern, but please do not distribute it in print or electronically.  Since my patterns are free, my only source of revenue comes from people visiting my website, clicking ads, and using my affiliate links :)

And speaking of ads, I do not have a direct .pdf downloader available on my site.  Sometimes the ad network that I use places ads for a .pdf converter on my site, but this is external and will not directly print a .pdf of the pattern.

3. Why do you have ads on your site?

I am happy to offer all of my patterns for free-it gives me so much joy to see others enjoy them!  This is also my job and my family's supplementary source of income while I stay at home with my daughter.  The ads help to cover the costs of running this website, materials, etc.  I try my best to place ads so that they are not obtrusive to reading patterns, and also offer ways of printing ad-free versions of my patterns (see #2).

4. Can I use a different yarn to make your patterns?

My first answer to this question is-of course!  Use whatever yarn you'd like to use.  BUT please note that changing yarn, hook size and your overall tension as a crocheter can alter the size of a pattern.  If you are deviating from the yarn recommended in the pattern I highly recommend making a gauge swatch to double check your size.

5. Can I share your pattern in a Pattern Roundup?

Yes!  You may share a link back to any of my patterns along with one image.  You may not share any pattern, in part or in whole, either printed or electronically.