Reduce - Reuse - Recycle: 10 Crochet Patterns to Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day is coming - this Saturday in fact!  Before my life as a SAHM, I was an ecology major, worked as a Naturalist for the U.S. Forest Service for a summer, and have most definitely hugged a tree ;)  I like the Earth and I think it's a pretty great place to live, so I always feel like Earth Day deserves some attention as a holiday!

I love how, over the past few years, a lot of people and businesses have really put out an effort to reduce their waste.  Reusable shopping bags, eco-friendly packaging, and a greater general awareness about reduction of waste has become the norm and as crocheters - we can help!

I have rounded up 10 free crochet patterns that are great, reusable items to help reduce waste in a lot of different ways.  So I am challenging you, my crochet friends, to pick one (or all) pattern, then make it and USE it in celebration of Earth Day :)  These would also be fast and fun patterns for selling at spring and summer craft fairs!

Have you ever used crochet to make something eco-friendly that you use regularly?  Let me know!  I am always looking for more ideas :)

10 Free Crochet Patterns to Celebrate Earth Day

For cleaning:

1. Quick and Thick Sweeper Cover from Left in Knots

I told you that I love reusable crochet patterns - so it's no surprise that I have several free patterns on my blog!  This sweeper cover fits over a standard swiffer, and it is made with Bernat Blanket yarn.  It works up so quickly, it is super durable, very absorbent and can be used both wet and dry!  I have used mine for about a year now regularly, and it is still one of my most favorite and most used projects that I have ever made!

2. Quick and Thick Duster Cover from Left in Knots

Like the sweeper cover, the duster cover fits on a Swiffer duster wand.  I works great for everything from bookshelves to ceiling fans.  I made a couple of these so that I can get all the dusting done at once, then I just throw them in the wash so they are clean and ready for next time!  I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a toddler...I dust a lot...

3. Flower Power Dish Scrubby from Simple Collectible Crochet

If you need a fast way to cheer yourself up while washing dishes, this flower scrubby would be a great place to start!  Made with Red Heart Scrubby yarn, this dish scrubby will be great for cleaning your dirty dishes AND it will dry quickly after use.  And they make so many different colors of this yarn now that you can come up with almost any color combo to match your decor :)

4. Scrubbie Dots from Doni Speigle

I have made these exact Scrubby Dots several times.  They are so versatile and fast!  Make them with cotton and use them for anything!  Mini face scrubby, dishes, cleaning, etc.  In my house, these get used in my daughter's bath.  I made them in a lot of different colors, and she enjoys playing with them and scrubbing with them in the tub.

5. Quick and Thick Scrubby Sponge from Left in Knots

Are you seeing a pattern here?  I truly love using Bernat Blanket yarn to clean my house :)  It's so absorbent and works just like a sponge, so I thought "hey, why don't I make a sponge?!"  I use these for cleaning countertops and windows mostly.  They would also work well for dishes.  You can use just Bernat Blanket yarn (a GREAT scrap buster project) OR you can mix it a little Red Heart Scrubby yarn as well to give them some "scrubbing" power ;)  Again, I have several of these that I made for myself about a year ago.  They have survived MANY uses and washings!

6. Tartan Plaid Wash Cloths by Happyberry Crochet

There are plenty of wash cloth patterns out there, but seriously how pretty is this free pattern from Happyberry Crochet?  It may look complicated, but the technique is super simple AND she has a video tutorial to help you learn :)


For Shopping:

7.  Open Air Market Bag from Left in Knots

This bag is made with double strands of cotton yarn which makes is very durable AND a very fast project.  I don't know about you, but when I make functional pieces that I know are going to be used/possible get dirty, I don't usually like spending hours upon hours on them!  This bright bag is perfect for shopping, farmer's markets, or even carrying your veggies if you have a garden to harvest.

8.  Rainbow Pocket Market Bag from Moogly

This market tote pattern is from Tamara Kelly over at Moogly and I LOVE it.  Why?  Because it FOLDS UP!  How brilliant is that?  We have all seen the store versions of the foldable, reusable shopping bags and now you can make your own!  This pattern also uses worsted weight cotton yarn which will often be on sale in the spring and summer months :)

9.  Hexagon Market Bag from Lion Brand Yarn

This market bag from Lion Brand Yarn made my list because I think you could use this one for anything!  It's made out of cotton, so it's sturdy enough to be a market tote, but it is also just stunning and pretty enough to be a purse!  Market tote?  Purse?  Both?  It's up to you!


For Play:

10.  Crochet Water Balloons from Left in Knots

Yep, you read that right.  Crochet water balloons!  Remember when I said before that Bernat Blanket yarn is super absorbent?  Well when you use the bright colors to shape this yarn into a balloon shape it works just like a water balloon, but with no filling required!  Just soak them in a bucket of water and get ready for a water fight!  No time filling balloons, no time picking up the little pieces when they pop, and no latex concerns - just good ole yarn-y fun :)

There they are!  Now which ones are you going to make??  Happy Earth Day, everyone!