Tunisian Knotted Ear Warmer - Free Crochet Pattern

Tunisian crochet is a little bit crocheting, a little bit knitting and super simple to learn!  It makes a lovely, dense, textured fabric that I think is perfect for keeping warm!  I live in North Dakota and lets just say...it's pretty windy. And cold.  In fact January is known to have a few days with -40 wind chills.  So sometimes crochet just can't keep the cold out-but I have high hopes for this ear warmer!  

The Tunisian Crochet technique almost creates a double thick fabric, and the wool content in the Wool-Ease Tonal yarn adds extra warmth :)  There is a natural curling of the fabric, but since this is worked into a circular piece-that doesn't matter at all!  I hope you decide to try giving Tunisian crochet a try-this was my first time with it and I think it is a lot of fun!



  • St: stitch

  • Ch: Chain

  • TSS: Tunisian simple stitch

  • YO: yarn over hook


Finished Size:

Approx. 24" in circumference (or whatever your desired size is)


Pattern Notes:


Foundation Row (for more detailed photos please visit my Tunisian Knotted Ear Warmer Instructable)

Chain 13

Forward Pass: Insert hook in to second chain from the hook, yarn over hook and pull through the ch st. Continue across. You will have 12 loops on your hook when you reach the end.

Return Pass: Ch 1, YO and pull through two loops from your hook, repeat this until you have only one loop remaining on your hook.

This has created your foundation row...now you will complete the rest of the ear warmer using the Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS).

Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) Rows (for more detailed photos please visit my Tunisian Knotted Ear Warmer Instructable

Forward Pass (Row 1): Insert hook into the next vertical bar from the hook. YO and pull up a loop. Continue across the piece until you have 12 loops on your hook.

Return Pass (Row 1): Ch 1, YO, pull through two loops. Repeat this until you have only one loop remaining on your hook.

Continue your forward and return passes until you have 50 rows (or however many you need to reach your desired size).

When you reach your last row, start one more forward pass. Instead of leaving loops on your crochet hook follow these steps to "bind off":

Insert hook into the next post, YO, pull through both the post AND the loop that is already on the hook (essentially a slip stitch). This will leave you with one loop on your hook after each post as you work down the row.

When you reach the end of your 50 rows, ch 4 and attach your yarn to row one with a slip stitch. Continue to ch 4 and work back and forth until rows 1 and 50 are connected as pictured.

Start your wrap around piece by chaining 8

Follow the steps for making the foundation row and Tunisian Simple stitch until this piece is 9 rows long and bind off. Tie off yarn leaving a long tail. Use this tail of yarn to sew this piece around your chain stitches of the ear warmer. This will cinch the piece together-giving it a stylish knotted look

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