This project has been in the back of my mind for about a month now, and today seems like an appropriate day to spread some warmth and love around to others!

When I was a new mother I was overwhelmed to say the least.  That's just my nature!  I specifically remember shopping with my newborn one cool, spring day.  I was walking back to my car, head down, brisk pace, I wanted to get my daughter in the car because it was cold.  I can't imagine that anything about my facial expression or posture was welcoming.  

That's when I heard a man call out behind me.  I almost kept walking, but then wondered if I dropped something.  When I turned around, he handed me a rose and told me to have a great day.  He then continued handing out roses from the bouquet he just bought to others in the parking lot.

Such a simple gesture, but one I know that I will always remember!  Being kind and lifting someones mood doesn't always take something big.  Sometimes it can be something surprisingly simple.

Before I started blogger, I sold at craft sales.  I have since given up craft sales, but I have a lot of inventory left over!  Now, I know there are many worthy charities that I could also donate to, but instead I have decided to start the Yarn it Forward initiative.  I think that sometimes we are all in need of a pick me up!

Am I allowed to start my own initiative?  I have no idea!  But basically, here is how it works.

  • I'm going to leave random yarn presents around town with a tag to tell the recipient they can take it.  
  • I'll share some of the #yarnitforward gifts I leave around town on Facebook and Instagram
  • You are welcome to join me!  Click the button below for your free #yarnitforward tag .pdf download :)

If you are able to spare some extra projects and want to join me in my #yarnitforward project I would love it!  I would also love to see it!  Tag me with #leftinknots and #yarnitforward when you share your photos on social media :)

Let's share the yarn love everyone!

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