Owls, Foxes and Coons-Oh My! - Animal C2C Crochet Charts

Time to share my first pattern!  Well, not exactly a crochet stitch pattern, but I would like to share some pixel graphs that I have worked on. It started with this owl:

At first I wasn't even sure what to do with this. Really I just drew up a graph to play around with the c2c stitch. It ended up what I thought was a strange size until I realized it was the perfect size to fit a euro pillow!  So that's what it became.  

A big, cozy floor pillow for my daughter to flop on!  This was done in double crochet c2c with an I hook to achieve this size. 

Then I got to thinking that several other animals would be fun too. I haven't gotten around to making them yet, but one day I envision forest critter pillows everywhere :) Here are a few of the graphs I have done. 


At this time, I don't have any written pattern for the C2C, but if you follow along on the graph it'll turn out great!  I would love to see these in SC or Bobble as well.  

I have a few other animals that I am trying to work on, but I would love suggestions also!  I made these graphs intentionally simple so that there aren't a ton of crazy color changes, and I have to say the owl was a lot of fun to make! 

Now the legal stuff...You may sell items made from this pattern, but please credit me as the original designer.  Also, please do not share the written pattern in print or electronically.  The photos on this webpage belong to Megan Meyer of Left in Knots and may not be used for product sales/product listings.  You may share a link back to my blog if you would like someone else to see or work with this pattern.  Thank you for your cooperation and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

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