Quick and Thick Sweeper Cover - Free Crochet Pattern

It's Earth Day tomorrow!  A day very near and dear to my heart as I have always been a bit of a nature freak.  I got my degree in Ecology before I entered the domestic and creative world of stay-at-home mommyhood.  So needless to say, I like the Earth :)

In celebration of Earth Day, I'd like to share this very simple pattern with you. It is a washable and reusable cover that will fit over swiffer sweepers.


Made with Bernat Blanket Yarn, this pattern can be made up easily in under an hour once you get the loop stitch down! You can wash is without worrying about shrinking, and the little loops do a nice job of catching hair and dust bunnies.  I have two dogs and two cats, so this is tried and tested!  I hope you enjoy the pattern!  




  • ch: chain

  • SC: single crochet

  • LS: loop stitch (View a video tutorial by HappyBerry Crochet HERE)


Ch 11

Row 1: SC in second ch from the hook and down the rest of the chain (10). Turn

Row 2-6: Ch 1. SC across (10) Turn

Row 7: Ch 1, LS across (10). Turn

Row 8: Ch 1, SC across. Turn

Row 9-26: Repeat row 7 on odd rows and row 8 on even rows

Rows 27-31: Ch 1, SC across.  Turn.

At the end of row 31 do not tie off.  Fold the piece so that rows 1-6 and 26-31 form the "pockets" to fit over the sweeper.  Continue to SC around the entire piece, working through both layers where they overlap to form the pockets.  When you get to the folded edges, work SC stitches into the posts of the stitches in Rows 6 and 26 respectively.  When you reach your first SC of the edging, attach with a slip stitch and tie off.  Weave in ends, and VOILA!  You have just made a very fast and very functional sweeper cover!


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