Braided Bubble Bag - Free Crochet Pattern

Happy almost Friday (aka-Thursday)!  I hope you have all had a wonderful week, and an even more enjoyable weekend ahead!  I will be spending time outside with my daughter enjoying the summer weather, and of course sneaking in some crochet time as well.

Today's free pattern features Bernat Maker Home Dec again.  I literally used up all but inches of what was left over after making my Illusions Tote Bag that I posted earlier this week.  This yarn has very generous yardage!  I got two nice sized bags out of two skeins.  And I have to say it again-the texture of this yarn is just beautiful.  It is a pleasure to work with!




  • St: stitch

  • Sl st: slip stitch

  • Ch: Chain

  • SC: Single crochet

  • DC: Double crochet

  • QuadTr: Quad Treble Crochet - Yarn over 5 times, insert into next stitch in previous row, pull through, *YO, pull through 2. Repeat from * until only one loop remains on the hook (6 times). Moogly has a nice description of this stitch HERE


Pattern Notes:

  • This pattern in written in rounds

  • Ch 1 or 2 does NOT count as a stitch. The ch 6 in rounds 12, 14, and 16 DO count as a stitch.

  • Gauge is not important for the finished product



Start with Magic Circle (with color ‘Clay’).

Round 1: Ch 2, work 10 DC into magic circle.  Pull tight

Round 2: Ch 2, 2 DC in each st around (20)

Round 3: Ch 2, *2 DC, DC in next st, repeat from *around (30)

Round 4: Ch 2, *2 DC, DC in next 2, repeat from *around (40)

Round 5: Ch 2, *2 DC, DC in next 3, repeat from *around (50)

Round 6: Ch 2, *2 DC, DC in next 4, repeat from *around (60)

Round 7: Ch 2, *2 DC, DC in next 5, repeat from *around (70)

Round 8-11:  Ch 2, DC around (70)

Round 12:  Change to color ‘Aqua’, Ch 6, QuadTr around (70 including the ch 6 as a stitch)

Round 13: Change to color ‘Clay’, Ch 2, DC around (70)

Round 14: Repeat round 12

Round 15: Repeat round 13

Round 16: Repeat round 12

Round 17-25: Change to color ‘Clay’, Ch 2, DC around (70)

Round 26: Change to color ‘Aqua’, Ch 2, DC around (70)

Round 27: Ch 1, SC 10, Ch 15 and skip next 15 sts (this space will create a handle-if you want a longer handle add more ch sts), SC 20, Ch 15 and skip next 15 sts, SC 10

Round 28: Ch 1, SC around working 15 sts into the ch spaces (70)

Round 29-30: Ch 1, SC around (70)

Round 31 (optional): Change to color ‘Clay’, slip stitch around (70).  Tie off yarn



Weave in all ends.  Use the QuadTr rounds of stitches to create the braided effect (Round 12, 14, 16).  Lay the bag flat with the seam in the back.  If you’d like, use a stitch marker to mark where you will start braiding the stitches.  I offset each row by two stitches.  “Braid” the stitches by taking your first stitch, twist it to form a loop, take the next stitch, twist it to form a loop, push the second loop through the first loop, continue around-threading the next stitch through the previous stitch.  When you get back to where you started, you will be left with one loop.  Secure the last loop by sewing on a button on the round above (Round 13, 15, 17 correspondingly).  Moogly has a nice description of this technique HERE and HERE

I hope you have enjoyed working with this yarn as much as I have!  I know this will not be the last pattern that I use it for.  It is just too pretty!

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