DIY Felt Activity Board

Today I am going to share my first non-crochet related craft!  Inspired by my daughter's current "toy strike", I have been looking for creative ways to help her keep herself entertained on the days it is too wet or too hot to play outside.

For us, a felt board has been a really fun and inexpensive activity for both of us to use a bit of creativity!  Originally I just cut out felt shapes for my daughter to play with.  But last week I got an Alaska magazine and it made my wheels turn.  As I mentioned when I introduced my Grids for Kids project, my daughter LOVES animals.  So as I was paging through and seeing beautiful animal pictures, I got the idea to turn them into more exciting shapes for her felt board!  If you have a little one, or if your little one has a little one, I hope you enjoy making this very simple project! 


Step 1: Make Your Felt Board

  • Cut your large piece of felt slightly larger than the size of your frame/board

  • Use a hot glue gun along the edge of the board and attach the felt. Work in sections so that the glue stays hot while attaching the felt.

  • After the glue cools, trim the felt down to the size of the frame/board. Tuck in raw edges under the frame.

  • Hang your felt board at a level your child can easily reach. I used 3M Command Picture and Frame Hanging Strips. This is basically a velcro that will allow the felt board to be hung or taken down for floor play. If you prefer a more "permanent" solution, you could also just use the 3M Command Adhesive Strips.

Done with that part!  How easy is that?!  Seriously, it takes no more than 10-15 minutes at most while also supervising an active toddler.  You could get fancy and paint your frame if you want to, but I didn't want to deal with the mess.

Step 2:  Make Your Shapes

You have a few options here, and honestly I recommend doing a bit of each to keep things interesting for you and your little one!  

  • Free hand some interesting felt shapes using your multicolor pack or scraps. As you can see, I went with an outdoor theme, but you could also do something as simple as shapes, colors, numbers, letters etc.

  • Cut interesting images out of magazines/books/calendars. Arrange these in a laminating sleeve and feed it through your laminator

  • Cut out the animals again after laminating. Be careful because laminated edges can be a little sharp. Round corners a little bit!

  • Take your laminated shapes and hot glue felt onto the back of them. Cut them out one more time!

Voila!  You now have a felt board!  Seriously this is such an easy project that has given my daughter hours of entertainment.  And the best part is that you can always update the board with new shapes or pictures!  

Please do not share this written tutorial in print or electronically.  You may share a link back to my blog!   Thank you for your cooperation!

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