Caron Cakes: A Second Helping

Caron Cakes yarn is still wildly popular, and it is on sale at Michaels this week for a GREAT price (more information HERE).  And my local store has finally restocked.  Has yours?!  If you loaded up on Caron Cakes, whether again or for the first time, here are 8 FREE pattern ideas to get you going.

1. Autumn Chill Scarf by Left in Knots: A cozy, fashionable asymmetrical scarf perfect for fall temperatures!  Only one skein of Caron Cakes required.

2. Dragonfly Poncho by Pattern Paradise: An amazing, child-sized poncho that is designed in the same style as the popular Dragonfly Blankets!

3. Happy Go Lucky Shawlette by Fiber Flux: A simple, colorful project that makes a beautiful accessory!

4. Ring Around the Rosie Vest by The Lavender Chair: I love the circular design of this playful toddler vest!  There is also an adult size available :)

5. Glacier Cowl by Jeanne Steinhilber on the Crochet Crowd: This looks so cozy!  I love this beautiful cowl and one of my cakes may be devoted to this pattern :)

6. Gemstone Lace Toddler/Child Poncho by the Lavender Chair: Another fun poncho pattern for your favorite kiddo!

7. Gemstone Lace Adult Poncho: The adult size version of this beautiful poncho :)

8. Basket Weave Cowl by Flo Szabo: I said in my first Caron Cakes roundup that a basketweave stitch would be beautiful with this yarn-and here is the proof!  This pattern is a gorgeous free Ravelry download.

Need even more idea?!  Check out my first Caron Cakes Pattern Roundup HERE: