Make It! Giveaway Announcement

Happy Monday everyone!  I've been using my #yarnitforward tags all winter-leaving scarves and hats around town for people to find and keep.  And now I want to spread some yarn love to you guys.  So it's time for a giveaway!

This year I have decided that, each month, I will give away the yarn and hook to make one of my most popular patterns to one lucky winner!  This month, you can enter to win one skein of Lion Brand Scarfie yarn and a 5.5mm Clover Soft Touch crochet hook and use it to make the Puffs Mod Scarf.  Now of course you don't HAVE to make the suggested pattern-you can use the yarn however you choose :)  Use the form below and enter to win!  AND remember to follow me or sign up for my mailing list so that you don't miss next months giveaway!

I TRULY appreciate all of my readers, but as I am personally funding these giveaways international shipping is unfortunately cost prohibitive at this time.  I hope that, as my blog grows, I will be able to expand the scope of these giveaways in the future.

In case you missed it, I had another big blog announcement last week!  I will be starting my first CAL, the Fallen Arrows Blanket, on February 1st.  Get all the details here.