Faux Fur Pom Poms - Super Fantastic Price!!

Hey guys!  Just a quick note to anyone looking for a fantastic deal on faux fur pom poms.  I spotted these at Michaels today:

This pack of nine was EIGHTY PERCENT off!  My total cost was $2.59 or about $0.29 per pom pom.  That is a FANTASTIC deal since I have seen these run around $3.50-$5 per pom pom usually.

Please note-these are not sold as "faux fur pom poms" but they absolutely are.  They are about 2.5"-3" wide (depending on fluffiness) which is a perfect size for hats!  Here is a close up shot:

So if you love faux fur pom poms - I suggest you run to Michaels and check out their Christmas clearance.  I only found one box available at mine.  Good luck!