Join a yarn club for less than $15/month!

Clubs, boxes and items delivered right to your door are ALL the rage right now.  For real...I'm pretty sure you could survive without shopping in any actual store anymore.  There is a club box for everything: clothes, kids clothes, kids toys, dog toys, fresh food, snack food, and....YARN!

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Darn Good Yarn is a company that offers a $10 monthly subscription box in which you receive 100g of premium yarn, a surprise "extra", and a free knitting AND crochet pattern.  Shipping is $4 for the US and $13 for International Shipping (Alaska and Hawaii as well), but still- $14 is a STEAL for a yarn subscription box.  

If you aren't ready to commit to a subscription, you can buy a one time box for $20 to try it out!  

I received some of their Banana Fiber yarn in the color Sea Mist and it is SO PRETTY.  It has a lovely shine to it and an amazing texture.  Don't let that fuzz fool you-I have started working with mine and it hasn't gotten stuck or tangled yet ;-) I already have a pattern planned for it that you can expect to see within the next month :)

Darn Good Yarn has a lot of other yarn options too!  But what I think I like most about this company is the story behind their product.  The yarn is sustainably sourced, and its production provides jobs to approximately 300 women in Nepal and India.  In my former life (aka life before becoming a stay-at-home mom and crochet blogging) I was an Biology/Ecology major working in research, so needless to say-I love the story of this yarn!  If you want to read their whole story, you can visit their website here.

So who else is ready to treat themselves with some exciting mail every month for less than $15?  Me, me, me!  This would also make a really fun gift for a crafty college student away from home.  I remember I was always so excited to get "fun" mail when I was living in the dorms!

I will share my box with you when I get it so that you can check it out OR you can go here to get your own subscription :)  

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