Designer Review: Featherby and Friends + Exclusive Promo Code!

When I started blogging I never realized how many virtual crochet friends I would make in the process.  I "met" Alicia Moore from Featherby and Friends several months ago and I have been a huge admirer of her work ever since!  Take a quick peek.  Do you love it too?  Then keep reading for an exclusive Left in Knots promo code :)

Alicia designs the most adorable amigurumi crochet patterns which you can purchase from Ravelry here.  So when she asked me to review her 'Mix and Match Monsters' pattern I jumped at the chance!  Amigurumi crochet is a style that I am not the most comfortable with (all those stitch markers and continuous rounds) so it was great to get some practice with the technique-and look at the adorable, quirky monster I made!

About Featherby and Friends

Alicia is the mastermind behind the patterns at Featherby and Friends!  You can find her patterns for purchase on Ravelry here, and you can also see what she is up to on Facebook and on her blog The Bluebird Bulletin. Alicia designs her patterns to be easy to follow, quick to make, and fun to play with!  She has an incredible selection of patterns including dolls (with many outfit options) and animals.  Alicia and I also share a love of Bernat Blanket yarn because she has a whole line of patterns she calls "huggable buddies" designed specifically for the squishy softness that is blanket yarn :)

Easy to Follow

After making my monster (he needs a name, don't you think?!) I can certainly attest to the "easy to follow" part!  I have plenty of years of crocheting under my belt, but amigurumi is not a style of crochet that I work with often and this pattern was so simple for me to follow.  In fact, she recently posted a free pattern on her blog, so take a peek at how beautifully simple her patterns are!

And oh my gosh, aren't all the monsters in the Mix and Match Monster Pattern so cute?  I love the concept of a "mix and match" pattern because you can use it in so many different ways!  I'm not going to do the actual math, but with all the different parts and pieces she includes in this pattern I bet you could make hundreds of different monsters.  Well worth the $5 (or less if you use the coupon code below)! 

Quick to Make

But how to choose your monster parts with so many options?!  Alicia has got you covered!  In her pattern, she provides cut out pieces for you to arrange and rearrange until you meet the monster of your dreams ;)  I think this would be an awesomely fun way for children to participate in the project.  Let them design their own monster so they can get involved in the creative process! They could design a monster for themselves or even as a gift for a friend.

I told you above that Alicia designs her patterns to be quick to make and fun to play with.  Check and check!  This little guy only took a few hours to whip up.  I used Caron Simply Soft to create my monster, but any worsted weight yarn you have works well and it doesn't take very much!

Fun to Play With

Well, I think all I need to say about this is that my adult husband claimed this monster before my two year old daughter even had a chance!  He insists that he needs it for his desk at work.  Ha!

Try Featherby and Friends Out!

So you want to make your own monster now, right?!  If you have fallen in love with Alicia's work like I have, then I have good news for you!  Alicia at Featherby and Friends has offered Left in Knots readers an exclusive promotional code for her "Mix and Match Monster" Pattern.  The first 50 people who use the code 'LeftinKnots50' will receive 50% off their Make a Monster Pattern purchase.  You can click this link to add the pattern and the promo code directly to your Ravelry cart.  

Remember that the 50% off coupon is only valid for the first 50 purchasers-so snag it now if you love it!

Were you late to the game and missed the 50% off code?  Have no fear!  Use this link to purchase the "Make a Monster" Pattern for 15% off :)


I received this pattern from Alicia at Featherby and Friends free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions shared are my own!