A Ginormous Pillow

GINOURMOUS!  Ok, this pillow is actually a fairly normal size for a throw pillow... but it is made with super bulky weight Loops and Thread Ginormous yarn so I think the name still fits :)  For almost a year arm knitting, finger crocheting and super bulky yarn has been quite the rage.  You can find photos everywhere of luxurious squishy blankets and pillows made from the finest specialty wool.  They.  Are.  Beautiful.

But can I get real for a minute or two?  I like to crochet, and if I dropped all my money on the wool to make one of those blankets, I may not have much yarn budget going forward!  Also, I have a 2 year old, 2 dogs and 2 cats... I can't even begin to comprehend a household in which such a magnificent work of art would stay even remotely in tact.  I also can't imagine that I am the only one with these problems, and fortunately there is a budget friendly solution!

Michaels exclusive Loops and Threads yarn line makes a yarn they call 'Loops and Threads Ginormous'.  It is a Super Bulky, 100% acrylic yarn that comes in several different colors!  For $9.99 (minus the weekly coupon that you should be using!) you get 97-100 yards of yarn.  For such a bulky yarn that is TONS.  And this pillow only takes 2 skeins!

I made this project using (almost) entirely my finger.  Finger crochet with this yarn was easy because it is SO big.  I used a modified waistcoat stitch because I wanted a really dense fabric.  This keeps the stuffing IN the pillow :)

Now, Ravelry lists this yarn as discontinued, but I can personally say that my local Michaels still carries it.  Perhaps it is seasonal?  I saw it at my local store this week, so hopefully you can find it in your area too!  If not, this pattern would certainly work with any other super bulky yarn of your choice.



Finished Size:

18" square

Gauge is not particularly important for this piece

Pattern Notes

  • Chain stitches do not count as a stitch

  • Traditionally, the waistcoat stitch is worked in non-turning rows but I did turn in this pattern. I used this stitch to make a dense fabric, not necessarily to make a "knit look". If you want a traditional waistcoat stitch "knit look", you will have to work in non-turning rows.

Instructions (Make 2):

ch 16

Row 1: SC in second ch from the hook and SC across. Turn (15)

Row 2-18: ch 1, WST in each st across.  Turn (15)

At the end of Row 18 of your first panel, cut and tie your yarn.  At the end of your second panel, do not cut your yarn.  Instead, working through the edge of both panels, sl st around the outside of the pillow.  Stop when you have about a 3-4" opening left.  Stuff your pillow and then continue to sl st until the pillow is completely assembled.  Cut and tie off you yarn.  You can weave in your ends or just do what I do and hide them inside the pillow ;)

As I expected, this pillow has already gotten PLENTY of use in my house.  They are the primary sources of both joy and chaos in my life :)

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