Oversized (Treble) C2C Crochet Video Tutorial - Right and Left Handed

A C2C Tutorial for Beginners and Experts

Are you a lover of C2C crochet patterns? Or maybe you want to give C2C crochet a try for the first time? Either way, I have a video tutorial for you! The oversized C2C stitch is easy enough for beginners who are new to the technique, and it is also a fun twist on the classic DC C2C stitch that you can learn if you are already a C2C pro. This version of the C2C stitch works up quickly and creates a lot more drape for a squishy, comfy fabric!

Watch this video tutorial to learn how add no-sew, attached single crochet ribbing to your crochet projects. Use this technique to add cuffs to mittens and brims to top-down hats. This video tutorial is available from both right and left handed perspective. I also include free crochet pattern links to my most popular free patterns that use this join as you go (JAYGO) technique.

Use this Stitch to Make a Simple, One-Skein Cowl

I first used this oversized C2C stitch when I designed the Glacial Cowl for my Seven Days of Scarfie pattern collection last year. I say “first” because I have this stitch in mind for a few more projects coming up! So check out the video tutorials below, and give the cowl a try so you can practice it ;)

Practice the Oversized C2C Stitch with This Free Crochet Pattern:

Oversized C2C Crochet Stitch Video Tutorial - Right Handed

Oversized C2C Crochet Stitch Video Tutorial - Left Handed

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