Crochet Owl Car Seat Canopy

About a year ago, I started my blog with a project.  A rather big project in fact!  I designed 52 different pixel charts for my Grids for Kids Alphabet Blocks, and they are still one of my favorite projects that I have ever made (probably because my daughter loves them so much).  I have obviously continued to branch out with my free crochet patterns, but I still love these animal pixel charts so I decided to use one of my favorites again for this Car Seat Canopy :)

This Car Seat Canopy can be made with any of my Grids for Kids Pixel Charts, but I chose to use the little owl.  The assembly of this project is just like a C2C blanket, and if you need help with the stitch I have a whole video series to help you out!  

So let's talk about Car Seat Canopies for a moment.  I used one All. The. Time. when my daughter was still an infant!  Not only does it help keep wind and cold away from new baby, but it also acts as a cover while you are out shopping.  When I had an infant I was aware of every cough and every sneeze and I'll be honest, while she was still a tiny baby, I didn't want strangers putting their face in her face let alone touch her!  Maybe I was over protective, but regardless, it is nice to have a way to give your little one some privacy when you are out and about and in a pinch it can also double as a diaper changing mat (not that that ever happened...) ;)

***PLEASE NOTE: I have heard some concerns about baby overheating.  By no means do I recommend using this in hot weather or long term!  This type of cover is meant for transport outside in cool weather or flipped up so that it just covers the backside of the carseat for some privacy.  It should not cover the baby's face and not be used as a blanket.***

I think this would make an awesome and unique baby gift too if you have a summer baby shower coming up!  I have given plenty of baby blankets - so I'm not knocking those as a gift idea at all - but I received a LOT of them as a first time mom.  So if you think you need something a little bit different, a Car Seat Canopy would be a great way to make a personalized gift for a new mom :)



  • Ch: Chain

  • sl st: Slip stitch

  • SC: single crochet

  • DC: double crochet

  • SC spike: single crochet spike stitch

Special Stitches (I highly recommend that you reference the photo or video tutorial if you are not familiar with how to do the C2C stitch!):

  • Click here to see all of my C2C video and photo tutorials (the first one is included below)

  • SC Spike: work a SC stitch like usual, except you will insert your hook one row below the space you would normally work into.


5 square x 5 squares = 4" in C2C (using DC)

Finished Size:

Length: approx.  50"

Width: approx. 26"

Pattern Notes:

  • You can choose to work with multiple skeins/bobbins (as I have pictured) or you can opt to "carry" your yarn throughout your project. It is a personal preference and I demonstrate both methods in my video tutorials.

  • For this pattern I have only included the chart for the C2C portion and written instructions for the border and straps for attaching to the car seat.

  • The pixel chart is 31 squares wide x 60 squares long. You could substitute any of my other Grids for Kids pixel charts in place of the owl as well since they are all sized to this proportion :)


Use the C2C stitch to create the following:

After completing the C2C portion you can start the border:

Round 1 (white): SC in the space between two of your C2C squares (it doesn't really matter where you start), ch 2, SC in the space between the next two squares, ch 2, repeat from * until you reach a corner.  (SC, ch 2, SC) in the corner, ch 2, SC in the space between the next two squares, ch 2, repeat from * to the next corner.  Continue this around the blanket.  When you reach your first SC, attach with a sl st and tie off your yarn.

Round 2 (Peacock): Attach your yarn in one of the ch 2 spaces from the previous round (again, it doesn't really matter where), ch 2 and work 3 DC into the ch 2 space, continue to work 3 DC into each ch 2 space around.  (DC, ch 2, DC) when you get to each corner.  When you reach your first DC, attach with a sl st and tie off your yarn.

Round 3 (Blue Hawaii): Attach your yarn in a corner, (SC, ch 2, SC) in the corner, SC in next 5, *SC spike, skip 1, SC in next two sts, repeat from * across, SC in the last 5 sts of that side, (SC, ch 2, SC) to turn the corner, repeat the same instructions for the remaining sides.

Making the Straps (make 2):

ch 6

Row 1: SC in the second ch from the hook and SC across (5) turn

Row 2: ch 1, SC across (5).  Turn

Row 3: ch 1, SC, ch 3, skip 3, SC (5). Turn

Row 4-20: ch 1, SC across (5). Turn

At the end of Row 20, do not turn.  Instead, ch 1 and SC around the outside of the strap.  Sew your button onto the strap at approx. row 17.  Use a yarn needle to sew the straps to the car seat canopy.  I attached mine approx. 34 squares ("rows") up from the bottom and about 9 squares ("columns") in from each side.

If you haven't already, weave in all your ends and you have yourself an extremely adorable and highly functional baby gift!  Which pixel chart will you use to make your car seat canopy?!

Now the legal stuff...You may sell items made from this pattern, but please credit me as the original designer.  Also, please do not share the written pattern in print or electronically.  The photos on this webpage belong to Megan Meyer of Left in Knots and may not be used for product sales/product listings.  You may share a link back to my blog if you would like someone else to see or work with this pattern.  Thank you for your cooperation and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

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