Top 10 of 2016!

Phew!  2016 has been a big year for me!  And I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of your for making my blog possible :)

Because of you, I have published 54 free patterns.  I started blogging in March-so I feel pretty proud about this!  The good news?  I had so much fun sharing these patterns with you, making new crochet friends, and working on all the self improvement that comes along with learning and sharing a craft.  The great news?  I have SO MUCH more planned for 2017 :)  Be sure to follow me to be the first to know about new free patterns:

That being said, here is a look at my most popular patterns from 2016, click the pattern title for access to each free pattern:

1. Amelia Poncho Adult Sweater -

this one has been wildly popular on both Ravelry and Pinterest.  A perfect project to make for yourself if you need a break from gifts or craft fair items.

2. Snow Drops Mod Scarf -

my most popular Mod Scarf pattern!  I loved learning the star stitch and you will definitely see more of it in future patterns.

3. Autumn Chill Mod Scarf -

My Autumn Chill patterns are my personal favorites because of the awesome texture :)

4. Puffs Mod Scarf -

do you see a "Mod Scarf" trend forming??

5. Autumn Chill Angled Super Scarf -

Another Autumn Chill pattern, and my first "super scarf"

6. Crochet Water Balloons -

my first "popular" pattern and a personal favorite because they are so fun!  Eco-friendly, simple to make and reusable :)

7. Double Crochet Hat in 10 Sizes -

because it is nice to have a simple pattern as a starting point that can then be embellished.

8. Amelia Poncho Sweater -

the first project that my daughter sort of willingly modeled for me, and my first experiment with Caron Cakes yarn!

9: Warm Wool-ish Mittens -

I have been wearing mine a lot lately! 

10. Celtic Weave Cowl -

So soft and squishy, but also so elegant!  Look for a left handed video tutorial for this stitch coming soon.

Did your favorite make the list?!  Whether you have been with me from the start or just finding my blog now - I would love to hear what you want to see more of in 2017!  Now is the perfect time to share as I am making my plans for the next year.  Thank you all again, and I hope you have happiness, health and yarn in the coming year :)