Top 10 Free Crochet Patterns of 2018

I released 34 new free crochet patterns this past year, and today I have a collection of reader favorites for 2018! Did your favorite patterns make the list? Keep reading for link to each free crochet pattern.

Last year was a year of big changes and I appreciate your support of my blog so much! Here are the 10 patterns that were published in 2018 that you, my readers, loved the best. Best wishes and happy crocheting in the new year! I have many more free patterns to come!

Who Else Needs an “I Survived 2018” T-Shirt?

2018 was a year of big changes for my family! We had our second baby, listed and sold our house, moved, my daughter started preschool and my son is still not so sure about the whole sleeping thing. I am so grateful for all the wonderful things that have happened this year, but I am also hopeful for and looking forward to a potentially less eventful 2019, ha! I feel like I am constantly learning and changing how to run my business with life and family changes, but I have still managed to keep the blog going and that in itself feels like an accomplishment this year. I’m not telling you this in an effort to praise myself, but to thank YOU my friend. Without readers and supporters like you, NONE of this would be possible. You are making my dreams come true, and I am endlessly grateful for that.

2018 Left in Knots Recap:

The Most Popular Free Crochet Patterns of 2018

**Note** This list was determined by a very unscientific method taking into account both my number of page views and Ravelry popularity of each pattern ;)

Number 10: Breckenridge Wrap

Remember that collaboration with Red Heart Yarns I mentioned above? Yeah, that was this project! And can I just say how much I looooooove Chic Sheep yarn? The Breckenridge Wrap was the first time I had worked with it, and the first time I had worked with Merino Wool but it certainly won’t be the last.

Number 9: Cookies and Cream Slouchy Hat

Along with company collaborations, I also had more opportunities to collaborate with fellow crochet bloggers. Can I take a moment to mention how much I love the crochet community? Everyone is so supportive and uplifting with each other. It’s fabulous and refreshing! This Cookies and Cream Slouch Hat was designed for a hat event that Katie from The Salty Pearl Crochet and Heather from The Unraveled Mitten invited me to join along in, and it was also a Seven Days of Scarfie preview pattern!

Number 8: Snowball Infinity Scarf

This was the first free pattern in my 2018 Seven Days of Scarfie Collection and one of the most popular! I love the texture of the lemon peel stitch and this colorway is always one of my favorites, too!

Number 7: Spring Gingham Dishcloths

I was glad to see the pattern for my Spring Gingham Dishcloths on my Top 10 list! These are so bright and cheery, and I also loved being able to use up some of my stash yarn to make them.

Number 6: Celtic Winters Slouchy Hat

No doubt about it, you guys looooove the Celtic weave stitch. Any time I release a pattern using it, it seems to be one of your favorites and the Celtic Winters Slouchy Hat is no exception! I am planning on filming a new video tutorial for this stitch in the near future, so that means I’ll probably end up designing a new pattern with this stitch as well ;)

Number 5: Stormy Days Wrap

I had the yarn for this project in my stash for over a year before using it and I’m so pleased with the finished product. Lion Brand Mandala yarn makes a fabulous mid-weight shawl or wrap. Not too stiff and warm, but not too light and airy either. I also had fun using the arcade stitch in this pattern which is about as close to lacy as I get, haha!

Number 4: Snow Drops Mittens

Ahhhh the Snow Drops patterns. I can’t thank you all enough for the love you give these! This pattern collection is my most extensive because you guys just keep giving me great ideas for additions to it. And I always love an excuse to crochet the star stitch ;) I added 4 new Snow Drops patterns this year, so I hope you like it, too!

Number 3: Go For Faux Pom Poms

Some of my patterns are planned out and some are inspired the minute I see a new yarn. The moment I saw this new Lion Brand Yarn Go Fo Faux I knew I had to try making a no-sew faux fur pom pom with it and I was over-the-moon with how they turned out. I am not friends with my sewing machine, and buying faux fur poms can get expensive. I’m so happy to have these as a fast and inexpensive way to add faux fur poms to my hats.

Number 2: Snow Drops Slouchy Hat

Remember that Snow Drops pattern collection I mentioned a few patterns ago? It’s back again! The Snow Drops Slouchy Hat was barely beat out for the number one most popular 2018 pattern spot. I love it made in this Faerie Cakes colorway, but I have also seen pictures of it made in solid colors as well and the texture of the star stitch is beautiful whichever way you choose to make it!

Number 1: Frosted Berry Infinity Scarf

If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you can probably guess that one skien projects are kind of my jam. I don’t have much pre-planned creative “process”. I mostly just sit down with yarn and start making something. Sometimes the project is an instant success, sometimes it’s a flop, and sometimes it just takes a while to catch on. The Frosted Berry Infinity Scarf snuck up on me! It wasn’t my most popular pattern when I first released it, but this fall it really blew up on the internet! I’m so glad that you all love it, and it is officially the most popular pattern on my blog from 2018.

And there you have it!  Did your favorites make the list this year?  Thank you again for helping to make 2017 such a fabulous year for my blog! I have started seeing lots of photos of your work lately and I LOVE it! Come share more pictures of your work in my Left in Knots Crochet Community or use #leftinknots on Instagram.  If you are looking for more of my free patterns from me, you can find all 100+ here!

Want to see more reader favorites? Check out my most popular free crochet patterns of 2017 here:

Wishing you all the best in the new year!  Happy crocheting :)

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