Star Gazer's Cowl Hood - Free Crochet Pattern

The holiday rush is officially here!  Time to finish (start???) EVERYTHING.  If you are like me, you may have one or two crochet gifts left to figure out. Maybe you are looking for something special but also simple to make.  Or maybe something that is practical but also pretty.  Whatever it is, I think I will be able to help you out with Seven Days of Scarfie!

What is Seven Days of Scarfie??  Exactly what it sounds like!  Starting today and for the next 7 days, I will be releasing a free crochet pattern to help you with ideas for your last few gifts.  Or maybe it's time to make a gift for yourself!  These patterns will all be made with Lion Brand Scarfie yarn - a light and squishy yarn that makes SUCH cozy projects.

These patterns will all be one-skein or two-for-one skein patterns so they are easy to shop for if you don't already have Scarfie in your stash!  Today's pattern is a cowl scarf with a video tutorial to get you started, and in the next seven days you will see patterns for a variety of different items (not just scarves).  So get going!  Be a last minute maker with me!



  • ch: chain

  • sl st: slip stitch

  • SC: single crochet

  • HDC: half-double crochet

  • YO: yarn over hook

  • LOH: loops on hook

Special Stitch

First start stitch of a round: Ch 2, Insert hook into back loop of the second ch from the hook and pull up a loop (2 LOH), insert hook into front loop of the same ch stitch and pull up a loop (3 LOH), insert into the next 3 sts and pull up a loop through each one (6 LOH).  YO and pull through all 6 loops, ch 1 to make the "eye" of the star.

Star stitch: Insert hook into the "eye" of the previous star and pull up a loop (2 LOH), insert hook into the last post of the previous star and pull up a loop (3 LOH), insert your hook into the last stitch of the previous star and pull up a loop (4 LOH), insert hook into the next 2 sts and pull up a loop in each one (6 LOH).  YO and pull through all 6 loops, ch 1 to make the "eye of the star. 

Helpful Video Tutorials

Star Stitch in the Round - Right Handed

Star Stitch in the Round - Left Handed Tutorial HERE

Finished Size:

17" long x 14.5" wide


10 sts x 9 rows = 4x4" square in SC

Pattern Notes

  • Chain stitches at the beginning of rounds do not count as a stitch

  • The shape of this finished project is an elongated tube. The yarn is squishy enough for this to fit as a cowl, but the piece can also be pulled up over the head as pictured above.

  • The end of each round is attached to the first stitch of that round with a slip stitch

  • The tension in this project is very loose and it makes a perfectly squishy finished project :)


Ch 73, join to first ch st with a sl st.  Make sure there are no twists in the chain.

Round 1: Ch 1, SC around (73).  

Round 2: Ch 2, make the first star stitch of the round and continue with star stitches around (instructions and video tutorial above).  When you reach the end of the round, HDC in the last st of the round (this will have already been worked into by the previous star stitch).  (36 stars and 1 HDC).

Round 3: Ch 1, work 2 SC into each "eye" of the star stitches from the previous round and SC in the last HDC st from the previous round. (73 SC)

Rounds 4-33: Repeat rounds 2 and 3 respectively.  Round 33 will be a round of SC sts.  Tie off yarn and weave in ends.

There is project number 1, come back tomorrow for another free pattern!

Now the legal stuff...You may sell items made from this pattern, but please credit me as the original designer.  Also, please do not share the written pattern in print or electronically.  The photos on this webpage belong to Megan Meyer of Left in Knots and may not be used for product sales/product listings.  You may share a link back to my blog if you would like someone else to see or work with this pattern.  Thank you for your cooperation and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

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