Grids for Kids! A-C - Free Crochet Cross Stitch Pattern

I am very excited to show off this project!  Not because it is difficult, but because it has been brewing around in my brain ever since I made my Owl C2C Pixel Graph turned pillow.  I had SO much fun designing a simple little graph that I kind of went crazy with it.  I ended up with (at least) one animal for every letter of the alphabet.  I knew that my house could never handle that many pillows lying around, so my creative wheels had to start spinning.  And that also meant that C2C for these graphs (for me) was out.

One of the reasons I love crocheting so much is because, even in my down time, I like to be productive.  So along with that same principle, when I do make something, I want it to be something that I think will be used.  My initial thought was to make a small book using a SC square of each graph for all the letters and corresponding animals of my daughter's name.  I ended up changing my mind only because I thought it would get a bit bulky, but I do still kind of love the idea of a crocheted baby book.

So then what else is a 1-year old into?  Well, mine certainly loves animals (of the stuffed and real variety), and she also loves blocks to stack and (unfortunately) throw.  So that is what I am going to turn my pixel graphs into.  Nine giant pillow blocks that she can stack, kiss (the animals), flop on, and throw (if she must).


I was initially tempted to call this project a CAL, but in reality I know that these graphs will be used in many different creative ways by all of you!  If you would like to crochet the blocks along with me-please do!  If you would rather make a blanket, book, pillow or have another creative use for them-go for it!  However you decide to use the graphs, I would love to see your finished product!


From the photos above, you can probably guess that these aren't entirely crochet.  I started making the ant square in SC, but I just about lost my mind with all those color changes.  And so, for my sanity, I decided to turn this into a "mixed-method" project.  I made a 31x31 SC square, I SC around the outside edge, and then I used cross-stitch to make the image on top of the crochet square using double strands of yarn so that it would fill in nicely.  I used a simple loop stitch to sew the squares together, and stuffed the whole block with poly-fil.

While planning this project, I ended up working these grids in 3 different ways and got the following dimensions using an H-hook:

  • Double-crochet C2C (see my owl graph here): 26" x 26"

  • Single-crochet 2 sts x 2 sts per pixel: 14" x 16"

  • Single-crochet 1 st x 1 st per pixel (with cross stitch on top-pictured): 9" x 9"

So now it's your turn!  Pick a size, pick a method, dream up a project!  I will provide the pixel graphs, and note the colors that I used.  This project is a GREAT scrap buster!

The following are helpful links for this project, including patterns for additional blocks and two video tutorials to help you with assembly!

Grids for Kids Block A-C: This Post!

Grids for Kids Block D-F: D is for Dog (or Deer), E is for Elephant, F is for Fox

Grids for Kids Block G-I: G is for Gecko, H is for Hippo, I is for Inchworm

Grids for Kids Block J-L: J is for Jellyfish, K is for Koala, L is for Lion

Grids for Kids Block M-O: M is for Monkey, N is for Narwhal, O is for Owl

Grids for Kids Block P-R: P is for Penguin, Q is for Quetzal, R is for Raccoon

Grids for Kids Block S-U: S is for Sheep, T is for Turtle, U is for Unicorn

Grids for Kids Block V-X: V is for Vampire Bat, W is for Whale, X is for X-ray Tetra

Grids for Kids Block Y-Z: Y is for Yak, Z is for Zebra

Crochet Cross Stitch Video Tutorial: I have also made a quick video tutorial on how I cross stitch on crochet.  I hope you find it helpful!

Assembling a Crochet Block Video Tutorial: This video shows you how I have been assembling my blocks.  It is a method that can be used with any size of project!


 A is for Ant


Colors used:

  • Black (any) for the letter 'A' and the outline/face of the ant

  • Vanna's Choice 'Dark Grey' for the ant's body

  • White (any) for the ant's eyes

  • Red Heart "Pretty n Pink' for the background

B is for Bunny


Colors used:

  • Black (any) for the letter 'B' and the bunny's eye

  • Vanna's Choice 'Silver Grey' for the bunny's body

  • White (any) for the bunny's eyes

  • Bernat Baby Blanket 'White' for the Bunny's fluffy tail (optional, use single strand of this or double strand of worsted white yarn)

  • Red Heart "Pretty n Pink' for ears and nose

  • Red Heart 'Baby Pink' for background

C is for Chipmunk


Colors used:

There you have it!  3/26 done...phew!  I have a lot of crocheting to do!  I would love for you to share your creations if you decide to use these as well.  You can share via email at, post photos to my Facebook page, or share your projects on Ravelry.

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