Illusions Tote Bag - Free Crochet Pattern

Hey everyone!  I have a new pattern for you today to start your week, and I LOVE how it turned out.  Ever since I saw it for the first time, I have been dying to make something with Bernat Maker Home Dec!  It is so soft, the colors are beautiful, and the texture definition is so unique.  This bag would looks beautiful in any of the colors available, and one of the best parts about this yarn is that the yardage in a skein is huge (317 yd)!  And it is a bulky yarn, so projects work up so quickly. So watch out for another pattern featured in these same colors soon :)  The OTHER best part about this bag is that it is on sale at Craftsy currently (as of 7/6/16) and they ship internationally!  Check it out HERE.


  • St: stitch

  • Sl st: slip stitch

  • Ch: Chain

  • SC: Single crochet

  • HDC: Half double crochet

  • DC: Double crochet

  • Tr: Triple crochet

  • Tr spike: Yarn over twice, insert hook into next st 2 rows below, complete the Tr stitch as usual

Pattern Notes:

  • This pattern in written in rounds.

  • Ch sts at the beginning of rounds do NOT count as a stitch

  • The end of each round will be joined with a sl st to the first stitch of the round

  • Gauge is not important for the finished product


Start with Magic Circle (with color ‘Aqua’)

Round 1: Ch 1, work 10 HDC into magic circle.  Pull tight

Round 2: Ch 1, 2 HDC in each st around (20)

Round 3: Ch 1, *2 HDC, HDC in next st, repeat from *around (30)

Round 4: Ch 1, *2 HDC, HDC in next 2, repeat from *around (40)

Round 5: Ch 1, *2 HDC, HDC in next 3, repeat from *around (50)

Round 6: Ch 1, *2 HDC, HDC in next 4, repeat from *around (60)

Round 7: Ch 1, *2 HDC, HDC in next 5, repeat from *around (70)

Round 8: Ch 1, *SC in 3, HDC in 2, DC in 2, Tr in 3, DC in 2, HDC in 2, repeat from *around

Round 9: switch to ‘Clay’.  Ch 3, *Tr in 3, DC in 2, HDC in 2, SC in 3, HDC in 2, DC in 2, repeat from * around

Round 10: switch to ‘Aqua’.  Ch 1, *SC in 3, HDC in 2, DC in 2, Tr spike in 3, DC in 2, HDC in 2, repeat from *around

Round 11: switch to ‘Clay’. Ch 3, *Tr spike in 3, DC in 2, HDC in 2, SC in 3, HDC in 2, DC in 2, repeat from * around

Round 12-27: repeat round 10 on even rows and round 11 on odd rows

Round 28-31: Ch 1, HDC around

Round 32: Ch 1, HDC in next 15, Ch 5, skip next 5 sts, HDC in next 30, Ch 5, skip 5 sts, HDC in next 15.  Switch to ‘Clay’ and set bag aside to make strap.

Strap instructions

With ‘Aqua’, Ch 56, turn and HDC across.  Continue your rows until your strap is your desired width.  The bag pictured is 3 rows of HDC.  When finished, tie off your strap and continue on to finish the bag.

Finishing Instructions:

Using the open spaces created in Round 32 of your bag, thread the ends of the strap through the spaces and fold the strap back onto itself and secure it with a safety pin (or stitch marker).  The short folded end should be on the inside of the strap/bag.  Using the ‘Clay’ color, crab stitch (reverse single crochet) around the top edge of the bag.  When you reach the joint of the strap, continue along the side of it, working through both stitches where it is folded together.  Continue around until you reach the beginning of the crab stitch.  Tie off.  Repeat this step along the other side of the bag and strap.

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Now the legal stuff...You may sell items made from this pattern, but please credit me as the original designer.  Also, please do not share the written pattern in print or electronically.  The photos on this webpage belong to Megan Meyer of Left in Knots and may not be used for product sales/product listings.  You may share a link back to my blog if you would like someone else to see or work with this pattern.  Thank you for your cooperation and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

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