Trick or Treat Toddler Bag

Still getting ready for Halloween here!  After making my first Trick or Treat Safety Bag, I realized that it was a perfect size for a "big kid" but not quite the right size for my almost 2 year old.  So I worked up a toddler sized trick or treat bag with some new graphs.  I will have one more free pattern released tomorrow-another from my Autumn Chill series- so make sure to follow me on Facebook so you don't miss it!

I still used Red Heart Reflective yarn on these bags because I think it makes them into an awesome safety accessory!  I did change the construction of the bag a bit to make it easier to cross stitch the images on.  Either way works fine, so choose whichever look you like best!




  • Sl St: slip stitch

  • Ch: chain

  • SC: single crochet


Special Notes:

  • Chain stitches at the beginning of each row do NOT count as a stitch.

  • Gauge is not important for this project


Instructions (make 2)

Ch 33

Row 1: SC in the second ch from the hook and SC across (32)

Row 2-32: Ch 1, SC across (32)

Row 33: Ch 1, SC in next 11, Ch 10, skip 10, SC in next 11

Row 34: Ch 1, SC across, working 12 SC into the ch 10 space (34)

Cross stitch the following images onto the panels:

If you need to learn how to cross stitch on crochet, I have a video tutorial for you here! You could also use the graphs from my first Trick or Treat bag as they are the same size :)

When you are done adding the images, lay the panels together with wrong sides together.  Starting in the top corner of one side, SC around the outside of the bag, working through both panels.  When you reach the top corner of the other side of the bag, tie off yarn and weave in ends.

Super easy!  And these can be packed away and used year after year :)  If you missed it, here is the original, larger sized Trick or Treat Safety Bag

Now the legal stuff...You may sell items made from this pattern, but please credit me as the original designer.  Also, please do not share the written pattern in print or electronically.  The photos on this webpage belong to Megan Meyer of Left in Knots and may not be used for product sales/product listings.  You may share a link back to my blog if you would like someone else to see or work with this pattern.  Thank you for your cooperation and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

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